Freshman Friday: Stefano Minetti


Visruth Rajendiran, Staff Writer

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

A:Hi, I am Stefano Minetti and I am 14 years old.


Q: What has been your favorite part about this school year?

A:My favorite thing about this school year was that I was able to do a lot more work and be more organized than I usually am. I also like how I get to sleep more and do my work in a not so rushed way.


Q: What do you miss about Huron?

A:What I miss about Huron is just knowing the building and being able to meet new people this year.


Q: What is one goal you have for this year?

A:One goal I have for this year is to be able to pass all my classes and being able to have a good understanding of what Huron is like.


Q: What is your favorite class and why?

A:My favorite class is biology because I like the study of life science and also there is a lot of interesting stuff that I like about it.


Q: What hobbies/sports do you do?

A:I do tennis and I also do some workouts and I also like to go outside.