Students react to the first week of school


Ridhima Kodali

Students had mixed feelings about the first week back to school at home instead of Huron.

Ridhima Kodali, Opinion Editor

“It was very awkward being in a new setting for the first day of school, not being able to see all of my classmates made it feel like I was very alone but when you’re at school it feels more like a community vibe,” freshman Zain Charania said. “That’s really missed when you’re not able to talk face to face with someone else. Just being on zoom doesn’t feel right especially for the first week. The advisory got better towards the end of the week just because I started to get to know people more and more. I’m scared about the lack of communication between teachers and students. I’m always excited to learn, but not in this environment.”


“The first week was really confusing but exciting,” sophomore Jerry Yang said. “I felt like I was a freshman again, not knowing what to do.”



“The first week of online school was an interesting experience,” junior Nishita Shah said. “It was great to just meet my teachers and be set with the tech. It makes me feel better about having to do junior year online.”



“I was pleasantly surprised by the first week,” senior Jessie Schwalb said. “Seeing humans turned out to be pretty enjoyable, even when they were squished into tiny boxes. Also, it was nice to not get homework for once.”