Junior Jumpstart Monday: Allie Perez-Bermudez


Courtesy of Allie Perez-Bermudez

Junior Allie Perez-Bermudez along with other Career Program juniors.

Maya Kogulan, Arts and Entertainment editor

Q: How is Junior year?

A: “I had more big tests and assignments. But overall, my classes haven’t been too hard. I really enjoy all my classes and teachers. Of course, second semesters hit and learning changed with quarantine. But looking back, I liked junior year.”


Q: What is your favorite class?

A: “My favorite class is my CP core class. We still get work, but it is structured like an advisory hour. You get to talk to your classmates and catch up on work from other classes. It has a nice relaxed atmosphere.”


Courtesy of Allie Perez-Bermudez
While junior Allie Perez-Bermudez wasn’t able to compete in the spring season of rowing this year, she looks forward to competing next year.

Q: What extracurriculars do you participate in?

A: “I am a rower. I grew up playing soccer but I wanted a change when I came to high school. I have been on the team for 3 years and it has been a very fun experience. When you first join the team, it doesn’t matter if you are bad. We focus more on working hard to get better eventually. I really appreciated that mindset and it has helped me become a better athlete.”


Q: Do you have a favorite memory from high school?

A: “I don’t have one favorite memory. Everyday at school, I make new favorite memories with my friends.”


Q: What are your plans after high school?

A: “The goal is to go to college. I want to study Astrophysics or astronomy. My dream school is Arizona State University. However, I will most likely go to MSU because it is cheaper and closer to home.”