Sophomore Saturday: Kyla Graves

Ridhima Kodali, Copy Editor

Q: What clubs/activities are you participating in?

A: “I am in drumline, band, Huron Players and I hope to join water polo if the season isn’t canceled due to corona. I have time for polo now that my other activities have been canceled…due to corona.”


Q: What is your favorite club/activity?

A: “My favorite activity by far is band because it has given me so many opportunities outside of school and it’s just a really fun community!”


Q: Who is your favorite teacher at Huron and why?

A: “It’s really hard to choose but, my favorite teacher is probably Mr. Lincoln or Mr. Caine, because I love the way they incorporate current events in their classes and how we stick the curriculum, but also discuss things we’re interested in. Best science teachers!”


Q: Where do you see yourself in three years?

A: “In three years, I want to be a freshman at the University of Michigan. I don’t know what I want to study, but maybe medicine or music.”


Q: What has been a memorable moment for you this past semester?

A: “This whole corona epidemic has been pretty memorable. I’ve never experienced anything like this and it’s pretty wacky to say the least.”


Q: What are you looking forward to for the next two years?

A: “I’m looking forward to spending time with friends and enjoying being a teenager before I have to go to college and pay bills and all that jazz. Also, senior year band camp is going to be a blast!”


Q: What is one goal you want to achieve by the end of high school?

A: “I’d really like to maintain a 3.8-3.9 GPA throughout junior and senior year. That’d be nice.”


Q: One word to describe your second semester of high school?

A: “Pandemonium.”


Q: What is your favorite class you are taking, and why?

A: “My favorite class right now is Concert Band Green. I love my section because they’re so, so fun to be around and we all radiate the same chaotic energy.”


Q: What classes do you look forward to taking next year?

A: “DP Physics HL. I cannot wait to take that class. I’ve heard nothing but good things, and the teacher, Mr. Caine, is really, really fun!”