Ann Arbor’s Cultural Exchange Program with Germany Resumes


Miao and Newhouse with a group of German exchange students during lunch.

Quinn Newhouse and Aico Miao

After a break for a few years due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, the Ann Arbor and Tübigen, Germany exchange program is back!

Around 20 students from Tübingen, Germany – one of Ann Arbor’s twin cities–are spending three weeks attending Huron classes, visiting Downtown Ann Arbor, and going on tours around the city.

“It’s very different”, one of the students says. “The school is huge and you guys use cars all the time. Our city is way more walkable and we take public transport”.

In terms of classes, many of the exchange students exclaimed that Huron was very different from their own school.

“Everyone wears headphones here, you’re not allowed to have your phone out in Germany,” said one student.

“The classes here are more individual because you can pick your own classes, like jewelry making, and fancy stuff like that. For us, we all take the same classes,” said Beatrice, another student.

Later on in the year, a few Huron students will be visiting Tübingen for five weeks, attending classes and experiencing German culture.