Men’s Lacrosse Senior Night: In Photos

Jules Heskia, Staff Writer

The Huron Men’s Varsity Lacrosse team had their senior night Wednesday, May 3rd. After a very intense battle, they defeated the Lincoln Railsplitters 10-9.
“That was a very, very hard fought close game. It was a tough one but we came away with it,” Senior Quinn Newhouse said. The hard work paid off for a game that was so important. “The goal is you got to win because you got to win for these six or seven guys. So it’s really different,” Newhouse said. The Seniors had a special moment, they got to walk on the field with their family members. To a lot of the players, this was a special moment. “It was a lot different to me because it was really special. I had my parents there,” Newhouse said. The lacrosse team has brought a lot of memories to a lot of players, and they would not regret a single moment. “It’s been just so awesome. I wish I found lacrosse earlier in my life, but I mean, just to play it for one season alone. has been just so awesome. I’ve gotten close with a lot of guys. I learned, you know, a whole new sport from the ground up,” Newhouse said.