Sophomore Saturday: Nora Hagan


Hagan enjoying the outdoors.

Sena Yoshida, Staff writer

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what hobbies/sports you do.

A:  My name is Nora Hagan! The two main sports I play are golf and waterpolo and in my free time I enjoy painting, baking, and photographing my dog, Rose. 


Q: How is this year’s learning different from last years? 

A: I found this year’s classes to be a bit more challenging than last years because I feel that we started covering new material, whereas freshman year felt like a review of middle school. 


Q: Which classes have you found the most interesting and why?

A: The classes that I have found most interesting and enjoy most were physics and ceramics. I thought that physics was a really interesting class because of all of the hands-on activities and labs we did. Ceramics is also a really fun class because you get to learn about ceramics and sculpture while creating your own pieces. 


Q: Describe something that surprised you coming back to school this year that you weren’t expecting?

A: I was surprised by all the new people that I met in my classes and sports that I didn’t know freshman year. 


Q: What are your thoughts about your personal project? What were some challenges you have faced so far? What are you working on?

A:  Although I didn’t expect to, I found personal projects to be really fun and enjoyable. Some challenges that I faced in personal projects were managing my time well and sticking to my original deadline plan. 


Q: If you could change one thing from your freshman self, what would it be? 

A: To pay more attention in WHAG.