Freshman Friday: Jordan Tucker


Tucker likes choir and biology at Huron.

Grace Johnson, Staff writer

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what hobbies/sports you do.

A: I’m a freshman at Huron. I like to sing, and I’m in choir. I like running too.  


Q: How would you describe your transition from middle to high school?

A: I think it was hard at first to navigate the size of the school. But I liked the fact that the community is so big. 


Q: What class is the most interesting so far and why?

A: My favorite class is biology, because I’ve always liked science


Q: What are 3 words to describe your first months of high school and why?

A: I would say fun, welcoming, and interesting, since Huron has a very different environment than middle school, but not in a bad way.


Q: How has high school surprised you so far? Were there any skills you had to learn to get work done or fit school into your schedule?

A: I definitely had to come up with some new ways to keep up with work. More than I did in middle school.


Q: How do you want to remember your high school experience four years later? What are you doing now or how do you plan to make that happen? 

A: I want to remember my high school experience as fun. I’m going to make sure to not stress too much about getting the perfect grades or being the perfect student and focus more on maintaining a community.