Junior Jumpstart Monday: Quartney Jackson


Qaurtney at the Michigan Stadium.

Aico Miao, Staff writer

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what hobbies/sports you do.

A: “My name is Qaurtney Jackson and I am captain of the cheer team as well as a member of the track team.”


Q: What is one class/club you would recommend to underclassmen? Why?

A: “A class I recommend is DP Language and Literature because it gives valuable skills that can be put towards other English classes.”


Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years? 

A: “I see myself going through medical school in 10 years. Maybe a little past that, in an internship in a hospital.” 


Q: How do you feel about Junior year and why?

A: “I think Junior is one of the hardest years of my existence.”


Q: Who is your idol and why?

A: “My idol is my mom because she was able to make a life for herself starting with not much as a child.”


Q: What is one lesson high school has taught you?

A: “One lesson high school taught me is that there is nothing or no one should get in the way of what you want for your future.”