Huron’s Annual Day of Silence

Gina Ko, Feature Editor

On Friday, April 14, Huron students are invited to participate in the Day of Silence where students take a voluntary vow of silence to draw attention to the silencing and erasure of LGBTQ+ youth in schools. Students are encouraged to communicate with teachers ahead of time to let them know the plan to be silent. 


“It’s a way that students can peacefully draw attention to this problem, ” Huron art teacher and Rainbow Rats advisor Kristin Kubacki said. “Schools around Ann Arbor, the state and the world are participating in this. We’ve been participating for at least 25 years ourselves at Huron.”


According to Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), 82% of LGBTQ+ students experienced first-hand harassment or bullying in their school. 


“It’s always important because a lot of LGBTQ+ students still face bullying and oppression in schools,” Kubacki said. “Especially right now we’re at a point in our culture where there’s a lot of larger forces that are pushing back against trans youth, so it’s even more important that these students feel supported and feel like they can take action.”