Bao Space: the best place for baos

Jamie Tang, Staff Writer

Fresh. Authentic flavors. Simple ingredients. 

Bao Space fills me with nostalgia for my younger summers spent in Taiwan. The scattering of flour over the kitchen counter, like paint on a canvas. The steam rising from the bamboo steamers. The cheery chatter floats across the restaurant as the customers wait for their baozi, Mandarin for steamed stuffed buns.

Bao Space offers a wide selection of homemade buns, from juicy pork to sweet red bean paste. The handmade dough is soft but chewy — the perfect bite. My favorite is the black sesame bun, filled with a rich paste ground from black sesame seeds, peanuts, and organic coconut oil that melts in your mouth. 

Not a fan of buns? Bao Space offers appetizers, dim sum, and home-style dumplings. Although critics assume that Chinese-American food is oily and fattening, Bao Space shows that this misconception misunderstands the diversity of Chinese cuisine. Bao Space cares about ingredient quality, from Michigan-grown mushrooms to premium wheat flour. Their delicate sides leave room to try different dishes. Their miso soup, a Japanese tradition, was refreshing though short in toppings. Lastly, I recommend ordering a side of the dried tofu strips salad with its chewy texture and hint of sesame oil, as well as classic drinks like soy milk and tea. 

Overall, each of Bao Space’s dishes is thoughtfully crafted, despite only being open since last December. The extensive menu, including meat and vegetarian options, makes Bao Space adaptable to different palates — the best experience for family and friends.