Separate rooms – better learning


Satvika Ramanathan

I study better when I am alone because I am less distracted.

Noor Awwad, Staff Writer

In my house, there are eight people: three sisters, two brothers, my parents and myself. I  have always shared a room with my older sister. My brothers share a room, and my younger sisters share a room. There is plenty of space for the four eldest children to have their own room. When we study we either split and separate from each other or stay in the same room. Would it be, and is it easier to study when having our own rooms?

I think that I study better when I am alone because I am less distracted. Also, when my sister and I are in the same room while studying or doing homework I have to listen to the long annoying lectures that she has to watch. Another reason why I think it is better to have my own room is that I feel like I have more space and I am able to understand the material better. Sometimes it is really nice to have company, but not when I am studying. 

My sister Raghad Awwad, a freshman at Eastern Michigan University has a split   opinion. She enjoys my presence some day, while the other days she’d rather be alone. 

“When I am doing a simple assignment I don’t mind if Noor is around, but if I am  studying for a class like chemistry she needs to be gone or I usually go to a different room,” Raghad said. 

The eldest of us all, my brother Khalid Awwad, a junior at University of Michigan likes his alone time. Whether he is studying or just doing a normal assignment, peace, and quiet is his way to go. 

“I love Abdulah (younger brother) but it is very difficult to get things done around him,” Khalid said. 

Abdulah Awwad the youngest brother is in the 7th grade at Scarlett middle school and doesn’t mind being around the siblings or alone.

“I usually get my work done in school, and even when I do have work it is very simple and doesn’t need too much focus,” Awwad said. 

Overall, at some point being alone and having our own rooms and space while studying is better because there are fewer distractions and more focus.