Driving a dream into reality


Becca Carlson

Jayden Bush is in love with trucks, specifically ones made for display.

Sophia Fatchett, Staff Writer

Rolling coal, diesel fumes, and bright lights instantly had sophomore Jayden Bush in love with trucks, specifically ones made purely for display.  His love for trucks began when he heard the rumble of a giant diesel truck at the age of eight with his father who encouraged him to build his own someday.  


Bush has a love for trucks that have taught him more than just where nuts and bolts go.  The art of building a show truck allowed him to persevere and be confident in himself.  The depth of this project required well over thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars from finding quality parts to actually putting everything together.  Any project of this magnitude can seem daunting, but for Bush, it gave him the ability to showcase his passion. 


“I grew up in Kentucky, so I was seeing trucks left and right,” Bush said.  “I loved the way they sounded when they passed by and once I sat in one I instantly fell in love with them.  I knew I wanted to build one when I was older and once I went to my first truck show I was determined to make my dream a reality.”  


For Bush this is more than just for fun, he hopes to inspire people and provide insight into the world of show trucks through his work.  He enjoys seeing people have the same show truck awakening that he once had.


“My advice for those wanting to build their own show truck is simple, buy quality parts to avoid going back over your work,” Bush said.  “I also want people to know that not everyone is going to like your show truck and that is okay,  you should do what you like and be creative.  You do not have to stick to one narrative, you can choose a variety of things.