Why I deleted TikTok


Becca Carlson

My main reason for deleting TikTok was that my screen time for one week was almost 18 hours.

Kendrick Morning

I deleted TikTok. You should delete it too. It was a waste of time and I have found better things to do with my time.

My number one reason for deleting TikTok was that my screen time for one week was almost 18 hours. I thought about it and knew there were better things I could do with my time rather than scroll for hours at a time. I’ve been noticing that I’ve been going to bed much earlier. Also, I spent way less time on my phone in the last few weeks, andI have started doing my school work much more efficiently. 

My family found the same conclusions. My stepmom deleted the app since she was averaging about 2 hours a day. In turn, my stepmom thought that this was too much time, saying, “I didn’t like how most of my free time was spent scrolling on TikTok.”

After a few weeks without the app I have found myself getting to the gym more. I think that this is a huge self confidence booster as I have much more courage when it comes to basketball, andI feel like I’ve been noticing much improvement.

 Many of my friends still have TikTok and they complain of having many reckless nights and some leading to their mental health being worse. I think that these both have a correlation to TikTok use. 

One more reason that I deleted TikTok is because of recent security rumors about TikTok. While I know that some of the evidence was flawed I would rather be safe than sorry.   

Take a look at your screen time and see what apps you are on. I guarantee a better lifestyle without it.