In Tune with Akil Frye

Avier Frye, Guest Writer

When the school year drew to a close, Akil Frye couldn’t have imagined how his music would blow up.

Akil Frye, also known as KFrye, started his rap career in early June of 2022. He started rapping to stave off summer-induced boredom. He made his first song with the help of his older brother, called Luv Shack. A few months later he made it on major music platforms.

“I was really excited because with it being on Apple Music and other major music platforms it gives it more chances for people to listen to my music without ads getting in the way,” Frye said.

With most of his songs now on Apple Music/Spotify he still has some unreleased music.

“My favorite unreleased song is called Count me in, the reason why I like it the most is because when you listen to it it sounds like an official radio song,” Frye said. “During the process of making it, there were 10 people working on the song.”

Frye uses phrases and keywords to find beats on Youtube. After that he looks for what tempo and kind of song that he wants to make.

“First I look on Youtube for a specific artist beat or whatever pops up in my suggestion,” Frye said. “I just pick whatever sounds good to me and with the person I’m rapping with.” 

It has been a while since Frye dropped an album.

“Right now I don’t have an album in the works right now, but if people want an album I’ll start putting an album together,” Frye said. “Now that I think about it, I have a few songs in the works that are ready to be released in an album, it might be coming soon so look out for it.”