Police respond to SWAT calls across the state

Ridhima Kodali and Quinn Newhouse

Today, Feb. 7, 2023, Michigan police officers have received hoax SWAT calls about high schools across the state, including Huron.

The Ann Arbor Police came to HHS at the end of the first hour due to a non-credible and anonymous Swatting call made this morning. Per Principal Ché Carter’s communication, sent only to parents at 9:38 a.m., the caller reported an incident at Huron.

The Ann Arbor Police said in a tweet, they received a call at 8:44 a.m. on the non-emergency line about a shooting at Huron. The caller claimed to be a teacher.

“There are no incidents to report,” the communication read. “We will continue to work with AAPD to see if a determination can be made to the call’s origin.”

The school day will continue as planned.

The caller mentioned a non-existent classroom number and a member of the Ann Arbor Police is on campus, per the request of Ann Abor Public School staff.

“People are stupid for making a swatting call,” senior Morgan Horgrow said. “I hope the kid knows that the police are not dumb and they will find them.”

Jackson Public Schools revealed on social media that there was a hoax call from an unknown Google number. This call led to a lockdown in schools but it has been. 

“We thank you for your patience,” superintendent Jeff Beal said in a statement on social media platforms. “We are overwhelmed by the immediate response of Jackson County Law Enforcement. They were on the scene within minutes of the phone call in full force with the utmost care and concern for the safety of our students and staff.”

Beal decided to release staff and students from Jackson High School and Jackson Pathways early. Students left at around 10 a.m. and parents were permitted to pick up students.

“We understand that this situation was concerning and scary for all involved,” Beal said. “Please talk with your students about today. We will have counselors on hand tomorrow when we return to the building.”

Okemos High School also received a hoax call and went under lockdown. The Lansing State Journal reported that an unknown call reported a false shooting in the building. 

“I thought it was a drill at first,” Okemos senior Case Renfer said. “But when the teachers started panicking I realized that it was real. Once we were escorted outside to the football field, we waited for a really long time in the cold.”

The state journal also reported that police officials have given an all-clear, no students were injured in Okemos and that they were all released, after 9:30 a.m., ‘by car only.’  All-after school activities and events are canceled. 

“The Lansing News (WLNS)”  found that Portage Northern High School, Renaissance High School, Muskegon High School and Battle Creek Central High School have also received hoax calls.