Wastenaw’s CDC COVID-19 community level drops to “Low/Green”


Daniel Lee, News Editor

On Jan. 27, the Ann Arbor Public School district announced in an email that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) community level has dropped down to “Low/Green.” 


The CDC community level examines the number of COVID-19 cases within a community, conveying how much the community is impacted by the virus. 


“The CDC only counts their data from hospitals,” school nurse Ann Burdick said. “They are not always accurate with the total number of cases within the county.” 


The “Low/Green” level is the lowest of three community levels, reporting a recent decrease in the number of COVID-19 cases within the county. Wastenaw has been maintaining “Yellow/Medium” since last September, but recently reached “Red/High” for last week’s CDC level. 


“The levels fluctuate a lot,” Burdick said. “We are never sure that it will stay low next week.” 


According to the CDC, “Low/Green” level welcomes masks to be worn indoors. Despite the low number of COVID-19 cases reported at Washtenaw this week, the Ann Arbor Public Schools will remain as a mask-friendly environment. 


Visit the CDC website for further community guidelines regarding the virus: