A Love for Track: Mackenzie Robinson


Mackenzie Robinson streaks across the finish line. Photo courtesy of Rachel Overgaard.

Rachel Overgaard, Staff Writer


Starting at just eight years old, senior Mackenzie Robinson has had a long-standing relationship with track and field. 

Robinson is currently Huron’s leading sprinter placing second at the 2022 division one state meet in both the 100 and 200-meter races. Robinson also placed ninth in the nation in the 100 and 200-meter runs at the 2022 New Balance Nationals outdoor meet in Philadelphia. 

Robinson’s undeniable talent made waves, providing her with many opportunities to take her skills to a higher degree. 

“The commitment process was slow at first honestly,” Robinson said. “I didn’t think I’d go to a division one school. My times just weren’t where they should’ve been at the time. But then after AAU track over the summer, more coaches started reaching out to me,” 

Robinson spent a lot of time carefully researching and considering the different options of where she could spend the next four years of her life. She went on visits to check out the schools in person to get a feel for what the teams are like. 

“I went on all five of my official visits which were to Purdue, TCU, Arizona State, Howard, and Michigan State,” Robinson said. “Though the visits were really fun and insightful, they made me anxious about my decision. I loved every minute of it though, being able to meet coaches with different philosophies and meet different athletes from all walks of life.”

After reflecting on all of her visits, Robinson wished she did one thing differently. 

“I honestly wish I would’ve taken more unofficial visits to local colleges just to get a better understanding,” Robinson said.

After careful consideration, Robinson picked the school she believed would be best for her.

“It was really tough to decide. It was between Howard and one other school. They both were great options. I had to make a pros and cons list in the end,” Robinson said. “I ended up choosing Howard University which is an HBCU in Washington D.C.”

Robinson’s coaches are thrilled for her and the continuation of her running career. 

Former Huron athlete, now coach, Ashton Sanders has been with Mackenzie for a large portion of her track life and knows just how impressive she is.

“Mackenzie’s development as a track athlete has come a long way. Her running is more mature this year versus her freshman year. A lot of improvement. There is even more room for improvement when she gets to college this fall so she’ll do perfectly well with that part,” Sanders said. 

Robinson is super excited about the upcoming track season and her future collegiate career at Howard University. 

“I love track,” Robinson said. “It brings me peace and competing in college not only gives me a free higher education, but a chance to make it to the next level.”