The Beauty of Gemini Rights

Rachel Overgaard, Staff Writer

R&B/soul artist Steve Lacy recently released his third full album titled Gemini Rights this past summer. Since then, the album has quickly gained traction with tons of listeners. At just twenty-four years old, Lacy is topping the charts. Lacy’s song Bad Habit has been number one on the Billboard 100 for three weeks. 

I’ve been listening to Steve Lacy for a while and have always loved his music. Something about the flow and beat of the music is amazing. That coupled with Lacy’s beautiful voice creates an album that appeals to a diverse audience. 

The album opens up with the song Static which became popular on TikTok in August. Static is a slower song and is a great opener that contrasts well with the rest of the most upbeat songs. 

Lacy’s following two songs, Helmet and Mercury are pretty joyful and really get you into the mood of the album. 

The lyrical choices Lacy makes are great. For example, in one of Lacy’s most popular songs Bad Habit, Lacy says “I wish I knew you wanted me.” That phrase is something many teenagers and young adults can relate to. I know I’m not the only one that wishes they knew someone liked them before moving on. Lacy perfectly articulates that desire. 

After the album’s interlude, Lacy has two songs, Cody Freestyle and Amber that give a perfect “late-night drive” vibe. The songs are a bit slower and incorporate some really great instrumentals. 

Lacy switches right back into that cheerful mood with his song Sunshine, featuring Foushee. Foushee’s light, feminine voice acts as a fantastic foil to Lacy’s deeper, masculine tone. Together, they create a beautiful song about a couple’s breakup and their persisting love for each other. 

Lacy ends with the song Give You the World – which also happens to be the name of his current tour – continues the motif of heartbreak.

The songs in Gemini Rights convey a strong feeling of love, heartbreak, and intense emotion between two people. This album is great to listen to at any point in your life and it tells a beautiful story. 

I would recommend this album to anyone who loves softer feelings in songs and I encourage everyone – regardless of music taste – to give the album a listen and see how you like it.

You can stream Gemini Rights on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.