The 2023 Dan Jilek Cup: Who is the best team in Ann Arbor?


Sandra Fu

Pioneer, Skyline, Huron, and and Father Gabriel Richard/Greenhills face each other in the Dan Jilek Cup to determine the “Best Team in Ann Arbor.” Photo Illustration by Sandra Fu

Sandra Fu, Social Media Editor-In-Chief

An inconspicuous piece of paper is taped on the chalkboard when you enter the River Rat’s locker room. It’s a list of goals for the season. The first line reads: “Win the Jilek.” 


For the Rats, their whole season has built up to this. Named after former Wolverine and Buffalo Bill Dan Jilek, the tournament brings Pioneer, Skyline, Huron, and Father Gabriel Richard/Greenhills together to battle it out on the ice and determine the “Best Team in Ann Arbor.”


“The season is a marathon,” head coach Bill Bonser said. “Not a sprint.” 


The finish line is in sight.


Scheduled at the Ann Arbor Ice Cube for this weekend, Jan. 7 and Jan. 8, the River Rats are starting off with a tough opponent: the FGR/GH Irish, who beat the Rats 1-6 earlier this season. If they win, they will go against the winners of the game between the Skyline Eagles and the Pioneer Pioneers.


The River Rats will battle the Irish at 7:30 p.m., after the Eagles and Pioneers battle at 5 p.m.