Multi-culti Returns: An Unforgettable Voyage

Gina Ko, Sandra Fu, and Daniel Lee


On Thursday, Dec. 22, Huron’s multicultural show, more commonly known as Multi-culti, was held in the Meyers Auditorium, after three years of waiting.

A number of stunning performances were presented by individuals and culturally affiliated clubs at Huron.

Senior and co-president of Huron’s Indian Student Association (ISA) Ajay Dass performed various Indian dance forms along with the members of the club.

“I felt really excited,” Dass said. “I loved how there were crowd interactions and we got pumped up when they were cheering for us. Overall, it was a pretty fun experience.”

ISA has been preparing its performance from the start of the school year.

“Nearing the day of Multi-culti, we had to have multiple practices per week,” Dass said. “Although they were tiring at times, they really got us to where we were at today’s performance.”

As far as preparation goes, senior Natalie Muenz and her saxophone group didn’t take as much time to organize their shining act.

“At first, I was joking around with [junior] Nathan Leung about letting me sing Careless Whisper [by George Michael],” Muenz said. “But then he surprised us with a whole arrangement the day of multiculti auditions.”

Cutting it tight seemed to be the theme of the saxophone performance.

“A lot of it was on the fly,” Muenz said. “We literally added the ‘rick roll’ Wednesday night.”

Although their setlist was ever-changing, it didn’t dull their shine as the crowd loudly enjoyed Careless Whisper, Never Gonna Give You Up, and Ice Ice Baby.

“Someone yelled ‘YES KELLY!’ while I was onstage,” senior Kelly Park said. “And let me tell you, the ego boost was through the roof.

“Even though I didn’t have a solo, it felt really cool to be contributing to the act. Performing in Multi-culti is different from performing in band concerts and I was really grateful, knowing literally the entire student body loved me up there.”

“I loved being on stage,” Muenz said. “I was having so much fun. I was wearing sunglasses so I couldn’t really see the crowd, but I ended up laughing and enjoying myself a lot.”

Muenz’s vocal performance alongside the saxophones wasn’t the only thing she enjoyed. Paired with senior Abby Cullen, she served as MC for the first half of the show, acting as a captain of the multicultural cruise ship the show was designed into.

“I knew I wanted to be MC when I watched Multi-culti freshman year,” Muenz said. “I was so glad that I got my funniest friend, Abby, to do it with me.”

Though it wasn’t all smooth sailing onstage.

“I froze on my last line during the parents’ performance [on Tuesday night],” Muenz said. “There was a good three seconds until I just started talking and the line came back to me. It got me thinking, ‘Why didn’t I do Huron Players?’”

As much as performers worked hard practicing their performances, one cannot forget the students behind it all.

Senior Katy Winkler worked alongside senior Allison Mi and junior Maya Fu to ensure the show ran smoothly.

“Multi-culti is a good way to end the year right before the break,” Winkler said. “It’s also great to see how all the cultures are getting represented within one show.”