Freshman Friday: Olivia Riegle

Riegle at Cobblestone farms, October 2021.

Courtesy of Riegle

Riegle at Cobblestone farms, October 2021.

Madeleine Pale

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what hobbies/sports you do.

A: I do water sports like swimming (for about 6 years), synchronized swimming, and water polo. I like to take photos of nature in the summer. I do a little bit of art, I play the clarinet, and I ski in the winter.


Q: How would you describe your transition from middle to high school?

A: My transition from middle to high school was easy.


Q: What class is the most interesting so far and why?

A: Band because I have a lot of friends that I made there, and I learn life lessons that apply to the real world. It also challenges me in different ways.


Q: What are 3 words to describe your first months of high school and why?

A: Big because it is a large school with a lot of classrooms and opportunities, fun because I have a lot of new friends in my classes, challenging because I have to manage my homework and other activities that I do outside of school.


Q: How has high school surprised you so far? Were there any skills you had to learn to get work done or fit school into your schedule?

A: High school has surprised me by the amount of friends that I have made so far. I had to quit some other things that I did outside of school so I could do homework and other sports.


Q: How do you want to remember your high school experience four years later? What are you doing now or how do you plan to make that happen? 

A: I want to remember high school as a learning experience for life and having fun with my friends. I’ve been learning life lessons as I go and I hang out with my friends at school events.