Sophomore Saturday: Katherine Ma


Courtesy of Ma

Anna Lee (left) and Ma at the CN Tower in Toronto.

Daniel Lee

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what hobbies/sports you do.

A: I’m Katherine and I’m a sophomore at Huron. I enjoy playing tennis and my favorite movie character is Vector from Despicable Me


Q: How is this years learning different than last years? 

A: It’s harder and more stressful


Q: Which classes have you found the most interesting and why?

A: I think AP Chemistry is the most interesting class I’m taking this year because it has lowered my standards and expectations on the grades I get in the class, but I overall do like how Mr. Collins expands beyond just teaching what’s on the textbook and makes connections to what we’re learning to everyday life


Q: Describe something that surprised you coming back to school this year that you weren’t expecting?

A: Some of the freshman are really short


Q: What are your thoughts about personal project? What were some challenges you have faced so far? What are you working on?

A: I treated personal project like a free hour for the first four months of school but then I got to work for the last two weeks and surprisingly pulled something together. Ninety percent of the time in that class, I did everything but personal project, so I think personal project has taught me more on how to study in 50 minutes than to write a whole research paper, which is what I’m doing. 


Q: If you could change one thing from your freshman self, what would it be?