Chicken Girls – An Underrated Drama


Maya Fu

Chicken Girls season 10 episode 1 airs on September 27 on BratTV’s YouTube channel.

Melinda Mei, Staff Writer

Bad acting does not equal a bad show. Brat TV’s shows that feature teenage internet celebrities should not be ridiculed. More specifically, Brat TV’s Chicken Girls deserves more recognition than it receives. Everyone should give the show a chance before dismissing it as unrealistic and “cringy.” 

Chicken Girls is a YouTube series produced by the channel Brat TV. Its first season aired in 2017, immediately gaining traction by middle school girls who were all in for the drama and romance. Chicken Girls also launched the internet careers for many of its fan-favorite lead actors, including Julianna (Jules) Leblanc and Hayden Summerall. The show follows the lives of a teenage friend group who call themselves the Chicken Girls– hence the show’s title. It relies on the drama that occurs in the kids’ lives– both in school and at home– to provide an engaging storyline. The story focuses on friendships, crushes, and personal life dilemmas. 

Since Chicken Girls is centered around the imperfect lives of its characters, it presents relatable situations that occur in typical teenagers’ lives. Seeing that other people go through the same dilemmas as you can be comforting– even life-saving. High school can be an isolating time, and watching Chicken Girls can help alleviate the sense of loneliness. 

Not only can Chicken Girls provide emotional support, it can even be educational. It contains countless realistic social circumstances. Assessing how the show’s characters respond to different situations and reflecting on the implications of their actions can teach people social skills. For example, in the recent “Chicken Girls: College Years,” there is a scene in which a character apologizes to her roommate, which sparks the rekindling of their friendship. By watching that scene, I learned that being authentic and vulnerable with a friend is important to maintaining healthy friendships.

Although Chicken Girls has all these direct benefits, the main reason it deserves attention is merely because it is interesting. The plot of Chicken Girls is undoubtedly captivating. I have become invested in the drama of these characters’ lives. (WAIT… Rooney did WHAT to Birdie??!, THEY’RE DATING??!, why is Rhyme hiding that from her friends??, etc.) Also, each episode ends with a cliffhanger, leaving everyone eagerly waiting for the next episode. 

Some people argue that it doesn’t make sense to choose to watch a show with bad acting when there are numerous similar shows with good acting. However, I firmly believe that  there are shows with a comparable storyline, but there is simply no show with the exact dramatic, funny, and relatable story and characters that Chicken Girls has.

Chicken Girls season 10 episode 1 airs on September 27. Give the show a chance and start binging the first nine seasons now. All Chicken Girls episodes are found under Brat TV’s YouTube channel. When the new season comes out, we’ll have much more to break down!