Letter of recommendation: Hating

Jackson Pollard, Social Media Editor

    Hating isn’t just bullying, it’s a lifestyle. Hating opens doors to so much that you didn’t even know existed. To truly hate, you have to truly love. It’s comparable to complementary colors, there can be one without the other and the other without the one but never the other as one. 

You see, hating in itself with no purpose other than pure negativity is just a lowly thing to do. Hating for no cause is more than just a waste of time. It’s a waste of precious energy that could be put into a job or something more productive than spreading your personal depreciation upon the world that nobody asked for.

To understand meaningful hatred, you must first understand meaningful love. Understanding what love truly is and all the different and contrasting ways it can be communicated is the difference between understanding what love means and understanding what it means to be full of love. 

Being full of passionate anger and an overwhelming amount of love give you the same physical feelings for a reason. That burning feeling you get in your cheeks, your ears, all over your face. You may have flashbacks of the moment, have regrets about your actions or maybe even want to take a few back, try doing something different just to see what another outcome may have been. They are the same actions, just interpreted differently. They’re possibly going to have the same reactions also. Saying something out of spite and something out of deep love could both potentially cause somebody confusion if those words come out of nowhere, or they could make that person never want to interact with you ever again. It could put somebody in a situation where they have no idea what to do. Two completely different actions with the exact and precisely same reactions.

Putting a meaning behind everything you do is what enables these different actions and reactions, causes and effects. Because you have strong feelings against an action another person thought was a good idea without realizing how it would affect more than just themselves causes you to react in different ways all depending on the situation. Cause and effect teaches us as humans to be more thoughtful with the ways we operate in every facet of our lives. Choosing to ignore it is choosing to be ignorant to the meaning of each and every single interaction that you and anyone else has had and will ever have.

Learn to understand yourself and why you do what you do, why you react the way you react. This is the first step to putting meaning behind your own personal actions. Once you understand yourself, you can then begin to understand others. Having a true understanding of the people in your life not only strengthens your relationships with them, but allows you to trust your own actions. When you can trust yourself, there won’t be any more internal “after action reports” because you know you made the right choices. You reacted to their actions with hate because you have love for them and want them to be better. Because you have so much genuine love for them in your heart, they can tell that their actions truly do affect more than just themselves. Through you.

To be conscious of the fact that you have the power to indirectly teach others is such an underrated part of self-worth that we all need to learn. You don’t always need to be actively teaching for someone to pick up wisdom from you. As long as your actions are impactful the message will get across. Begin hating with a purpose. Not targeting, but directing. Directing that energy towards someone you love and want to see prosper. 


Hatred is just another avenue that can be used to spread love. It’s a tight road, but if you learn to drive with a purpose you should get to your destination with all green lights along the way.