How worried are Huron Students about Applying for Schools?


A decorated decal placed outside the Huron College and Career Center (Huron CCC).

Jose Vega, Staff Writer

A Survey was sent out to primarily consisted of 10th graders and some 9th graders, and was answered anonymously.  Throughout these classes 87.5% of the students planned on attending 4 year university, while others inserted their own personal future plans.  

“I plan on joining the Air force academy for aerospace engineering” stated an anonymous student responding to the survey questions.

Later in the survey, the students were asked questions about why they were worried about applying for university.  The survey results showed that 100% of students were worried about applying to the wrong college or university.  

“I fear choosing the wrong college”  responded an anonymous student to the questions in the survey.

The survey asked questions about the students’ motivation for applying to college/university.  The most common answers were that 83.3% of the students’ motivation to apply for college or university was wanting a high earning job, and 66.7% of the students wanted to go to university to learn long lasting skills.

“I’m not entirely sure what I want to do in life, but I think I can figure that out if I go to college.” stated multiple students when answering the survey.  

“I think that attending a 4-year university gives you a more authentic “college experience.” rather than attending a community college.” anonymous stated.