Huron boys basketball kicks the Kicking Mules


Jackson Pollard

Huron varsity boys basketball coach Waleed Samaha speaks to his team during a timeout in the midst of a 63-45 victory against Bedford on Tuesday in the Dome.

By Tarik Fermin

Huron’s varsity boys basketball team steamrolled the Bedford Kicking Mules in a 63-45 victory at home on Tuesday, through gritty and tough defensive pressure that quickly turned into unstoppable transition buckets.
The River Rats consistently held a 20 or more point lead after the first quarter. Right after tip-off, Huron came out with a vengeance on their defensive end, racking up countless steals, and clamping down Bedford’s entire squad. Huron’s starters set the tone defiantly on offense as well, with great shot selection all around, and quick transition buckets.

Going into the second quarter, Huron ramped up its energy on both sides of the ball even more, going on an enormous run to put a sizable gap in score between them and Bedford. Throughout the second quarter, the River Rats scored relentless transition buckets in combination with their hustle and tenacious defense. This left their opponent dumbfounded, and Huron’s team barely let Bedford cross half-court going into the third with their high-level defense.
Huron coach Waleed Samaha was thrilled with Huron’s obvious heightened defensive pressure and spectacular run in the second quarter.
“So we changed up our press and the way we aligned it to give them a different look,” Samaha said. “Changed up one small rotation, and it made a huge difference.”
It’s more than safe to say that the second half of the game was entirely controlled by Huron. Though Bedford made some valiant efforts to close the gap in score, they never even made it within 10 points of Huron. The rest of the game, the River Rats continued to dominate on the defensive end, and started to even heat up outside of the 3-point line; with Huron’s Adam Samaha racking 20 points off of six 3-pointers.
This game was definitely a great momentum shift from Huron’s away game loss against Dexter last Friday, and Coach Samaha relayed how he feels about the team going into its next couple games and its outlook on the postseason,
“We have five games left in the season,” Coach Samaha said. “We have a big one Friday night at Pioneer. That’s essentially our rival, and it’s basically the conference championship; and if we can pull that one off it’d be a great night for our guys, and we want to keep playing better as we head towards districts.”
On top of that, the JV boys basketball team piled on another great win at home with a score of 51-36, and the freshman team decimated Bedford even more than that with a 76-37 margin. The Huron boys basketball is filled with lots of potential this close to the postseason tournament, and it’s certainly a large possibility that the River Rats can make a huge playoff push after these next five games.