Teacher Tuesday: Alexis Weir


Courtesy of Weir

Ms. Weir is a teacher at Huron High School. Her motto is “move the mountain.”

Suhybe Awwad, Staff Writer


Q: “Have you always been interested in teaching?”

A: “I became interested in teaching because I have a sister with autism who had some excellent teachers and some not-so-great teachers. Her experience led me to volunteer at various schools and ultimately pursue a career in education.”


Q: “What/who inspired you to become a teacher?”

A: “I am also continuously inspired by my own three children as I watch them learn and grow. My 4 year old son, Grant, has a speech disability called Childhood Apraxia of Speech, also called CAS or apraxia. He knows what he wants to say and has the physical ability to produce all of his sounds, but there is a disconnect between his brain and his mouth that makes words come out wrong.”


Q:  “What is one motto you will always live by?”

A: “When Grant was first diagnosed with Apraxia, I struggled as a mom with the ‘why?’ It broke my heart to watch him struggle to get the words out. There is a quote by Rachel Hollis that I heard while listening to her audio book: “Maybe you have been given your mountain to show other people that it can be moved.” I have adapted that quote into my own little motto “move the mountain.” I repeat that to myself very often when I think about my son, my other children, and my students. I even put it up on my wall in my office this year!”