More information about Carter’s Goals

Ridhima L. Kodali, Managing Editor

One,  to review current data and evaluate the programs that currently exist, so making sure Huron is more purpose-driven and making sure student voices are being heard and increasing student achievement. Within this, there are action steps and one of those is going through the IB self-evaluation authorization process in order to become an IB world school again. 

“I think in education we have to constantly not just assess students,” Carter said. “But we have to reassess where we’re at as leaders and how we’re doing things. And we need to determine if we’re doing those things that we’re doing to be able to call ourselves an IB World School.”

First thing Carter noticed or wondered about Huron — What are the mission and values of the students and staff?

“ We have to normalize our direction,” Carter said. “ What is our true north?” And, once, once everyone understands the vision, you have to make sure everything you’re doing in that building lines up with that mission, and if it doesn’t, you need to change your mission, and you need to say what the mission is. So right now we all need to go in that same direction.”

Another one of his goals is to establish effective communication with stakeholders and develop a report. These key stakeholders consist of teachers, school administrators, community groups, and business officials in the area. 

Since July 2, he had met with so many different stakeholders. 

Carter also plans to use Schoology prominently the upcoming school year.

Goal number three for Carter is Connection and Coordination and his expected outcome is to grow, identify strengths and weaknesses and promote values based on culture.

Goal four is about creativity, critical thinking, cosmopolitanism,  collaboration, communication, and character. So doing big-wide school bonding events essentially increasing social interaction for the students.