Sophomore Saturday: Kaan Lacin


Allison Mi, Copy Editor

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

A: “I’m currently a sophomore at Huron and some activities I enjoy include soccer, tennis, and spending time with my friends. Some of my favorite places to travel are Turkey, where my extended family lives, Chicago, and northern Michigan.”


Q: What is your favorite class and why?

A: “My favorite class is band because the community is enjoyable and welcoming, and making music with my friends is a great experience.”


Q: What hobbies/sports/clubs do you do and why do you like them?

A: “My favorite sport at the moment is soccer and I enjoy it because it’s amazing to watch and play. One club I participate in is BPA which is a lot of fun because I can team up with friends to enter competitions, enter competitions individually, and learn a lot of interesting stuff all the while.”


Q: Once the pandemic ends and social distancing restrictions are removed, what’s the first thing you plan to do?

A: “Jump off the bridge at Gallup Park.”


Q: What’s an interesting/unique fact about yourself?

A: “I’m double-jointed on all of my fingers.”


Q: What is one lesson the past year has taught you?

A: “Limit screen time and go outside more.”