Seniors start their recording career in quarantine with first single: “Maybe”


In a week, the single drew one thousand streams.

Wyatt Sutherland, Guest Writer

Aside from hanging out by the pool and doing some other activities, seniors Vincent Tremonti and Zach Newpol had a very productive summer. It was time to make dreams become reality. The duo had just completed junior year, the last real year of highschool before preparing for college and the future that lies ahead; one last hurrah for parties, football and heartbreak. They decided to chase the lifestyle of artists and released their first single, Maybe produced by StefanOTW, under the stage name ‘almost’. 

The single is about the love and lack thereof that comes with adolescence, which is directly relatable with the age group it is directed at. In nearly every highschool movie ever made, there’s the boy chasing the unattainable girl, which is the exact premise of this song.

“We had both just got our hearts broken and beat down so when we catch feelings for a girl, we want them to like us back,” Tremonti said. 

Writing a song and forming connections doesn’t just happen overnight. There were many months of inconsistent preparations that went into making this project and potential career a reality. There were many late sleepless summer nights filled with writing, recording and preparing their first songs, all leading up to Maybe, the first installation in the saga. When asked what his inspiration as Newpol responded:

“My friends, family and the fact that we are going to Hollywood,” Newpol said. “The passion in the chase that we are going to be famous.”

This single isn’t just a one off project, either. There is much more in the works, some to be seen as soon as two weeks from now with another release featuring popular Ypsilanti artist and Huron alumni, Cam Cash. 

It takes a lot to produce a song and gain traction with it, but after pulling one thousand streams in one week, ‘almost’ has a bright future.

Stream Maybe on Spotify.