AAPS introduces new grading scale


Vish Gondesi, Online Editor-in-chief

As part of a district-wide grading adjustment, Ann Arbor Public Schools has introduced a way to support all students when it comes to grades.

This change is being made with the understanding that the COVID-19 pandemic is creating inequitable circumstances for students to pursue their coursework and demonstrate their learning,” AAPS wrote in the announcement. “We know that many students are managing very challenging personal situations. Our hope is that this change will help to support the well-being and success of learners, maintain the academic integrity of our programs and stay true to our values.”

Students who earn a D+, D or D- semester grade will receive a G (credit), while students who earn an E will receive an NC (no credit). Any of these above grades will not be factored into the students GPA. Accordingly, grades of C- or higher will be calculated per usual. However, all students can work with their counselors to receive a G despite whichever grade they have, similar to a pass or fail system.

Additionally, extension opportunities have been provided for students in need of more time to earn credit, along with withdrawal accommodations based on individual circumstances. It’s encouraged that students reach out to counselors or faculty if they need help in classes.

For more information, and a FAQ go directly to the announcement