It was a brawl not a debate


Andrea Widburg

The presidential debate has drew criticism throughout political media for its continuous interruptions and the constant barbs between candidates.

Ridhima Kodali, Opinion Editor

All the arguing literally made me want to destroy the T.V. The presidential debate that occurred on Sept. 29, was a brawl, not a debate. 

Ever since 2016, after the Donald Trump v. Hilary Clinton presidential election debate, I was very interested in politics. And after watching endless and endless debates I could find on Youtube, I was very intrigued with the whole presidential election in general. 

When I watched Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney’s debate, I learned so much regarding their political viewpoints on certain topics, such as the economy, healthcare, etc.  They each went one by one, not interrupting each other, every two minutes or the moderator. They were very clear on where they stood, and the debate was very informative for the citizens of the United States. This wasn’t the case for this year’s show-down. 

For the presidential debate this year — Joe Biden v. Donald Trump, I was very excited to see these two in the same room. Especially after watching numerous ads on Youtube made it more of a reason to be excited to watch it.  

After I watched the first two minutes of Trump v. Biden, I already knew this was going to be bad. I mean, Trump was interrupting Biden every two seconds, because he wanted to defend himself. He even brought up ruthless information about Biden and his family, leading to an exchange of insults forcing the moderator Chris Wallace to try and step in.

 “Mr. President, your campaign agreed both sides would get two minute answers uninterrupted,” Wallace said to Trump. His words didn’t have much impact.

I felt annoyed, because it was a presidential debate, and it’s not that they didn’t give us important information, but they weren’t able to expand on it  with all of the arguing going on.   The “expanding” of their political viewpoints is the whole point of the debate. In addition, no one wants to see a 74-year-old, and a 76-year-old argue for 1 hour and 30 minutes straight. There wasn’t any time for anyone to even take a breath. This whole thing was two teenagers arguing with each other, not a debate. 

Overall, this “debate” was the worst I have ever watched. The next line-up is the vice- presidential debate on Wednesday with Kamala Harris and Mike Pence. Hopefully, we learn something. Hopefully, they act like grown adults. Hopefully,  it will be a debate, not a brawl.