Book and supply pick-up


Book pick-up is happening at Huron today and next week.

Clara Bowman, Editor-in-chief

Supply pick-up continues today and next week. Students receive books and other supplies during their designated dates and times: today for juniors, sophomores on Monday and Tuesday for freshmen. Students are not expected to pick up supplies themselves if their prescribed time is before the end of the school day. Families with more than one student at Huron can pick up supplies for all students at once. 

School supply boxes contain a variety of materials including writing utensils, folders and paper to ensure all students are able to conduct their assignments at home. Students in certain classes, such as art classes, receive specific materials for that class.

This is also an opportunity for students to return any outstanding books or musical instruments. 

Issue 1 of the Emery is distributed at pick-up as well, so make sure to get your copy!