NFL week one recap


It’s been eight months since the last NFL game, making its return exciting as ever.

Quinn Newhouse, Sports Editor

In the NFL’s first week back after an off-season of COVID-19 controversy and a free agency unlike any other, we finally saw all 32 teams back in action for the first time in eight months. 

This week didn’t come without backlash. Before the Chiefs-Texans game, Texans QB Deshaun Watson and Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes led their teams to the middle of the field for a moment in silence in honor of the victims of police brutality. They were met with waves of boos throughout all of the Cheifs Stadium.

On the more positive side, out of everyone tested in the NFL, there were no positive COVID-19 tests. All teams were full-go for this week.

The Chiefs-Texans game mentioned before was, as expected a relatively close game, with the Chiefs taking the win. Patrick Mahomes. Rookie RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire was undoubtedly the most surprising thing about this game. He ran for 138 yards, with a touchdown too. A surprising gem in the rough piece for a team lacking in the rushing game.

Another surprising gem was Nyheim Hines, a mainly third-down receiving back who blossomed against the Jaguars. Hines rushed in a touchdown and caught another, but Hines, with veteran Phillip Rivers at QB, were not able to get the win against Gardner Minshew’s Jags.

A major disappointment in my eyes was the 49ers, who lost 20-24 to the Arizona Cardinals. The Niners, who made it all the way to the Super Bowl last year, couldn’t get it done against DeAndre Hopkins and the Cards. Especially disappointing was the Niners receiving core, leading the running backs to handle most of the offensive workload. 

Tom Brady and the Bucs also looked disappointing. Although they still showed promise, they got smoked by the Saints 34-23, even with an injured Michael Thomas. Brady threw 2 touchdowns with 2 interceptions, with one even being a pick-six. With all of his offensive weapons, he should have been able to post more on the scoreboard.

Now, with Week 2 coming up shortly, many games look very exciting. First off, the Chiefs, fresh off a win, face a healthy Chargers squad who showed potential against the Bengals. Expect the Chiefs to ta

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens made quick work of the Browns, and face the Texans next week. (Office of the Maryland Governor)

ke this one, but not easily. It’s going to be a fight, but I expect the Chiefs, with RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, and Tyreek Hill, will win this AFC battle. 

The Baltimore Ravens will travel to Houston to face the Texans as well.  The Ravens had an easy win vs. the lowly Browns, thumping them with a whopping 38-6. Baltimore was firing on all cylinders in this game, with the defense looking tuned in, and Lamar Jackson doing what he does best: rack up touchdowns. Although the Texans lost to the Chiefs, this is a team with immense potential. This game will be fundamental for the AFC race, however, expect a Ravens win in a close game.


The New Orleans Saints, with an injured Michael Thomas, will face off against the Las Vegas Raiders, in what’s set up to be a make-or-break game for the Raiders. After nearly escaping the Christian McCaffery-led Panthers, if the Raiders take this one, It could solidify them as a legit contender in the stacked AFC. On the flip-side, it could show this team to be a one-game fluke. This will test if they are contenders or pretenders.

Lastly, a few other games to watch. The Lions face the rival Packers for some NFC North action, the LA Rams will play the Eagles in a defensive match-up, and the Vikings will play the Indianapolis Colts in an offensive brawl.

After Week 1, Week 2 will show the NFL who’s really in the playoff hunt, and who got lucky. Expect many great match-ups this week for the AFC and the NFC.