MHSAA pushes back football season to spring


Vivian Barrett

After just a week of practice, the football season has now been postponed to spring.

Vish Gondesi, Online Editor-in-chief

All Michigan colleges have already postponed football to spring of 2021 because of its high-risk COVID-19 status. High school football has now followed suit.

Earlier today, the MHSAA representative council, in consultation with the governor’s office and health department officials, reviewed all relevant data and information before making the decision. 

“There were just too many unknowns and uncertainties where we could move ahead, play football and do it with a clear conscience,” MHSAA executive director Mark Uyl said in a statement.

After football players were given clearance to start practicing on Aug. 10 with helmets only, this decision was sudden. Many players and coaches are voicing their issues with the postponement on Twitter.

“We’ve done everything possible to try and find that pathway forward for our football kids this fall,” Uyl said. “We simply ran out of time and with the evidence to be able to do that as safely as we needed to do.”

Despite the news with football, all other MHSAA fall sports will continue as planned. 

“Our other fall sports are scheduled to move forward because, simply put, they don’t carry the same risk levels as the hand-to-hand, face-to-face and every play contact football requires,” Uyl said.

As for the coming months, MHSAA is committed to devleloping a plan, including schedules, health precautions and other details to ensure there is still hope for a season.

“While the day will certainly be a disappointment to all our football players, coaches and families, just know that we’re going to take today’s disappointment and put all of our effort and energy into giving our kids the best possible football experience imaginable in the spring of 2021,” Uyl said.