Freshman Friday: Natalie Muenz


Allison Mi

Though Natalie Muenz loves running for Huron’s Cross Country team, she also enjoys learning new sports; Muenz is currently pursuing tennis.

Benjamin Zhao, Staff Writer

Q: What is the biggest difference between middle school and high school for you?

A: “The size of the school. More people that I don’t know.”


Q: Where do you see yourself at the end of senior year

A: “On the graduation stage. Chilling, because I won’t have anything to do, free hours, just like my brother is doing right now. He literally comes home and does nothing.”


Q: Who is your favorite teacher?

A: “I want a good grade in math, so Ms. Clyde.”


Q: What is one goal you have by the end of this year?

A: “I want to reach 5 feet in height.”


Q: What do you think of the IB program at Huron?

A: “I’m glad that it’s optional.”


Q: What are you looking forward to in high school?

A: “The next winter break–oh wait! Summer break!”


Q: Why were you named Natalie?

A: “Before I was born, my parents asked my brother what gender and name do you want for your sibling? He said a baby sister named “Juicy Bablyon” I have no idea what it’s from, probably random gibberish… And then, my parents went online and searched for the most popular names for girls, and picked “Natalie” because they liked it.”