Junior jumpstart monday: Kristin Thorsdottir

Sydney Cohen, Staff Writer

Q: What was your reaction when you first heard about school closing?

A: “Well at first I was just expecting it to be a couple weeks so I honestly was excited to get a little break. Then when I heard the entire school year was cancelled I was kind of upset. This is supposed to be like the hardest year and all us juniors now have to figure out our AP/IB testing and when we’re taking our SAT/ACT which complicates things for us. I was also upset because I love seeing my friends everyday and I’m gonna miss seeing my teachers and friends.”


Q: What are your worries about not having the second semester of your junior year?

A: “Well I’m doing full DP which means all of my classes are 2 year classes so i’m missing a good chunk of all of my classes and i’m expected to know all this material for my exams next year, so for me personally that is what i’m most worried about.”


Q: What activities have you done with your family during this break?

A: “I have been helping my siblings redecorate their rooms and we have been doing some fun art projects together and social distancing of course!!! I’ve also spent a lot of time with my dog and going on walks with him.”


Q: What is your daily routine during this break?

A: “I’m trying not to wake up way too late so i can keep somewhat of a schedule. So usually i’ll wake up between 9-10 and then throughout the day i’ll do my homework then usually go to bed between 11-12.”


Q:Do you like the way teachers are assigning work?

A: “Yes, for the most part it’s pretty organized and simple to follow.”


Q: How could your teachers help make this break easier?

A: “I think all of the teachers are being very considerate and supportive during this and they have been so understanding to all of their students and I’m especially thankful to my teachers for always checking up on us and making sure we are okay.”


Q: What good tv shows have you watched during this break that you would recommend for others?

A: “I binged all american which is really good!! I started Tiger King and am currently one episode in. Other tv shows I recommend are How to get away with murder, Gossip Girl, and You.”


Q: What is the saddest part about not being able to go back to school?

A: “For me it’s seeing my teachers and friends everyday. I miss lunch and all my classes and talking to all my friends. I’ve been trying to talk to my friends as much as I can during this break and facetime my friends almost every night. My lunch table and I sometimes facetime and eat lunch together while talking about random things, as we used to do while we were at school and it’s been really fun to keep in touch with all my friends.”


Q: Are you missing one of your sports because of this? 

A: “Well all spring sports were canceled which is very unfortunate for everyone, especially the seniors that I know were looking forward to their last seasons.”


Q: If so how does that make you feel?

A: It’s upsetting but obviously everyone’s safety comes first and that’s the most important thing.