Junior Jumpstart monday: Sam Hastie

Kaitlyn Sabb, Business Manager

Courtesy of Hastie
Juniors Zoe Solomon(left) and Sam Hastie(right).

Q: What is the hardest thing about this year?
A: “The hardest thing about this year for me has been managing the workload of all of my classes while also playing sports throughout the year. Since I am taking many AP and AC classes my schedule is very hectic and it has been very hard to balance all my classes with the amount of sport practices that I have every week.”

Q: Where do you plan on applying for college? Why?
A: “I definitely plan on applying to the University of Michigan since it is known for its academics and also I would get in-state tuition. I’m also considering several other schools including Northwestern, Wisconsin, Case Western, Carnegie Mellon, and a few others as well.”

Q: What is your favorite thing to do outside of school? Sports, clubs…
A: “Outside of school I love playing sports, in the fall I run cross country, in the winter ice hockey, and in the spring, track. I’m also a member of the Green Team and hope to be in NHS next year.”

Q: What do you think is the best place to eat outside of campus?
A: “My favorite places to eat at are Shake Shack and Bigalora [Wood Fired Cucina].”

Q: Describe your year so far in one word?
A: “Chem” or “Balance.”

Q: Who has been your favorite teacher or class? Why?
A: “I have had a lot of amazing teachers over the past three years at Huron, however my favorite class has been engineering, not only because of the amazing teachers, but because of the projects that we do and all the hands-on learning.”