Freshman Friday: Virginia He

Ridhima Kodali, Copy Editor

Q: What is your favorite club/activity?

A: “I really love playing the flute in concert band. It’s such as fun, and loving community.”


Q: One word to describe your first semester of high school?

A: “Chaotic”


Q: What is your favorite class you are taking, and why?

A: “My favorite class would definitely be Biology. I love the teacher, my classmates, and the topics are really interesting. The labs are also super fun, and engaging.”


Q: What class/classes do you look forward to taking next year?

A: “I’m looking forward to taking Sports Medicine next year. It’s something that I’m interested in and I think I would have  a ot of fun doing.”


Q: What is the biggest difference between middle school, and high school for you?

A: “The biggest difference would definitely be the workload. In high school, you’re just involved with so many more activities and have more homework from all your teachers. It can get pretty hectic.”


Q: What clubs and activities are you participating in?

A: “I am currently in GIDAS, HOSA, UNICEF, and band.”


Q: Where do you see yourself at the end of senior year?

A: “I’d like to have a better idea of what I want to do in life, and hope that I’d be going to a good college, to pursue whatever career I choose.


Q: What is one goal you have by the end of this year?

A: “I’d like a clear idea of what to do next in my life.”


Q: Do you have plans for next year’s classes?

A: “Next year’s classes are going to be pretty intense for me. I’m thinking of taking AP course, such as AP Chemistry, and AP Microeconomics.”