Huron celebrates taco Tuesday with a surprise

Maya Kogulan, Arts and Entertainment editor

Outside of the Cafeteria, the sun beams down on the disordered line of excited students waiting to get their unconventional lunch: tacos! 

On Thursday, the colorful taco truck parked on the curb of Huron during both late and early lunch. Students could choose from a variety of tacos including chicken tinga and carne asada, and then add a variety of sauces to add additional flavors. 

Chartwell, the food provider for Huron and the taco trunk, made the process of buying a taco as convenient as possible. Instead of using cash, students put the charge on their student lunch account. 

The tacos were very popular among students. Many even sacrificed the majority of their lunch to wait in the long line. 

“I think this is awesome,” senior Yanisa Aquino said about the chicken and steak tacos. “It’s so cool, new, fresh, and a really good idea.”

Overall, the consensus among students is that the taco truck was an unexpected and delicious improvement to a usually mundane lunch.