Teacher Tuesday: Kathryn Bellows

Nancy Shevtsova, Staff Writer

Courtesy of Kathryn Bellows
Ms. Bellows with Ms. Garrett and Career Program students at a coffee shop.

Q: What do you teach and why?

A: “Currently I teach U.S. History, World History, and Career-Related Programme. I love history. It is so much fun. And getting into certain topics that I did know before. I like learning new things. For the Career-Related Programme it was a whole new thing, and being able to help students realize what they want to be when they grow.

Q: Describe your high school experience.

A: “It was fun. But I would definitely say lacking, especially compearing to what you guys get and you learn now. I didn’t learn nearly as much as you guys do.”


Q: What would you recommend to incoming high school freshmen?

A: “This is such an old personal statement, but I want to say anyways is put away your phone. As often, as possible. I actually talk to people, face to face, and get used to talking to people face to face. Otherwise, you guys hiding your phones, and you’re surrounded by people, but you’re super lonely.”

Provided by Kathryn Bellows
History teacher Kathryn Bellows(left) and Social Studies department chair Ken Long (right). Long is someone that Bellows looks up to.

Q: Who is a role model for you?

A: “A role model for me, actually Mr. Long. He is the Social Studies department chair, and he is one of the best human beings that you’ll ever meet. He is such a phenomenal teacher, he cares about everyone. And I would like to be more like Mr. Long.”