Senior Sunday: Karli Messer


Lydia Hargett , Graphic Designer

This sunday we interviewed Karli Messer, a varsity softball and tennis player!


Q: Do you have any plans for the future?

A: “I plan on joining the Kalamazoo College golf team as a Hornet.” 


Courtesy of Karli Messer
Senior Karli Messer with her cat Sushi.


Q: Who’s your favorite teacher/class and why? 

A: “My favorite class is CP Core because we are a family.”


Q: What was your favorite activity/sport/club?

A: “My favorite sport was softball.”



Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Senior Karli Messer dressed in the model earth she created.

A: “I see myself living in Canada hopefully already graduated from the University of British Columbia.”



Q: What is one word to describe your high school experience?
A: “Progress.”

Special thank you to Karli Messer.