DP Art student Sophie Larsen’s experience with Art Night


Mishal Charania

Junior Sophie Larsen holding up her painting which was displayed at Art Night.

Mishal Charania , Online Editor-in-chief

Huron’s annual Art Night features art from students of all skill levels and classes. Junior Sophie Larsen, a student from the Diploma Program Art Class, had multiple pieces of hers featured this year. One of Larsen’s pieces depicted her grandmother. 

“My grandmother is from the Faroe islands, she was born there and she grew up there,” Larsen said.“The islands mean a lot to me, I’ve been there two times and it feels more like home than anywhere else I’ve ever been.” 

Larsen created the piece because she loves her grandmother and the islands. While it is difficult for Larsen and her grandmother to communicate, they still have a bond. 

“Her English isn’t super great and I don’t know any Faroese,” Larsen said. “It’s more like the feelings when we’re together. We’re very close even though we can’t really talk very much.” 

DP Art is the second art class Larsen has taken at Huron and her participation in Art Night made her feel nice. The class is taught by Kristin Kubacki.  

“Sophie is a student who is really thriving in the DP Visual Arts program,” Kubacki said. “She’s not afraid to explore new ideas and to experiment with techniques and styles. I encouraged her to include her painting of her grandmother in Art Night, even though it wasn’t a class assignment. This piece was successful because it not only displays her impressive technical skill, but also expresses something that is personal to her.”

Larsen will continue to have featured pieces at Art Night because of her DP art class. 

“It was like I was sharing a part of myself with the world because not many people know where my family is from,” Larsen said.