Huron’s BSU pushes through assembly despite broken curtains

Mishal Charania , Online Editor-in-chief

Huron’s Black Student Union always hosts the annual Martin Luther King Jr. related assembly, however, this year the show didn’t go completely as planned. The assembly was hosted in the Meyers Auditorium but midway through the first show, the curtains broke. 

“There was a little trouble backstage,” BSU Vice President Payton Bristol said.“I told someone to go stand by the curtains and be ready to close them, and he thought I said to close them.” 

BSU had been preparing every day after school and on weekends leading up to the assembly. Sophomore Jewel Storrs had been in charge of handling the curtains but was then given a different job during the show. 

“You have to wait 15 seconds to reopen or close [the curtains], otherwise it will break,” Storrs said. “Every time the slideshow would come out, or there was something in the middle, we would hold the curtains.” 

There were multiple BSU members holding both sides of the curtains so that the acts were still visible.  The curtains were fixed before the beginning of the second show. 

“I think we worked well with what we had,” Bristol said.“If we had more time it would have been a lot cleaner, a lot smoother. But I think with what we had we did pretty well.”