Huron’s new Ninth-grade dean has arrived

Lydia Hargett , Graphic Designer

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Erik Thompson, Hurons new ninth-grade dean.

Huron has been lacking a ninth-grade dean since the beginning of the school year, but Erik Thompson has stepped up to the job! Thompson previously worked for various schools across Michigan. 

“I was the assistant director for student intervention and support services and I supported all of the high schools in Ann Arbor,” Thompson said. “I also supervised the school psychologists, students who go to the Michigan School for the Deaf and students who are hospitalized or on homebound services.”

Thompson’s favorite thing about this job was getting to work with all the high schools, but he claims that Huron was his favorite. Helping students and families get the support that they need has always been one of Thompson’s passions. Now, he can help Huron students primarily. 

“I hope to help all students achieve their dreams and goals, it’s what educators get into the business for,” Thompson said. “That’s what people did for me growing up, so I hope I am able to do the same.”

He says that the transition to Huron has been going well, he will soon be focusing on his duties as the ninth-grade dean.

“I really like the students and staff, everyone has been extremely welcoming and helpful,” Thompson said. “Before I came here, I already knew some of the staff, but it has been great to meet more.”

Overall, Thompson hopes that students know that he is approachable and there to help them with any problems they may have. He is very excited to be here and hopes his first year at Huron will go smoothly!