Panera Bread Review: A new perspective

Nancy Shevtsova, Staff Writer

 A great cafe is endowed with criteria such as a good atmosphere, delicious food, and affordable price. Panera Bread perfectly fits all of these criteria. In addition to delicious food, Panera offers a relaxing atmosphere.  There is no loud or noisy music, and Christmas decorations add a delightful touch for the upcoming holidays.

This was my second time going to Panera. I moved to Ann Arbor a short time ago so it was something new and unusual for me. I ordered a Cream of Chicken & Wild Rice Soup (a small cup), and a hot mango tea.

The Cream of Chicken & Wild Rice Soup has long grain and wild rice, celery, onions, carrots and diced chicken simmered in chicken broth embellished with cream and select herbs. The soup also came with a piece of bread. Overall, I really liked the soup. It is healthy and nutritious and I would give it a 9/10. The piece of bread was delicious as well and I liked that it did not contain too much yeast. The only negative was that the crust of bread was too stiff to eat. The tea was simple and I really liked it.

In conclusion, I can say that I received a hearty meal while paying, a fair price. I think that Panera is a cafe that everyone can enjoy.