2020 Exec Board is coming in strong


Sara Badalamente

The 2020 Exec Board working together to decide on themes for their dance.

Alex Cole, Staff Writer

Every year the senior class has an Executive Board that puts together the major events for the school year. This year, the class of 2020 has gotten off to a strong start.

“We just finished up homecoming meetings, and those were pretty busy,” senior President Sami Ruud said. “We had to decide the theme of it, plan how we were going to make the lunchroom look, buy all the supplies, and get together the music playlist.”

These different tasks had to get divided between the staff. 

“Everyone has to come back to the meeting with a theme idea for our next event,” Vivian Barrett said.

They also had to plan out the pep rally for the dance and all of the themes for the week leading up to homecoming.

The board had about a month-long down period after homecoming. They have just begun planning for senior prom. The same process they did for homecoming is starting over again for them. They also plan small dances from time to time most notably the after parties that occur after we play either Skyline or Pioneer in basketball.

“When the kids finish an event and they’re like that was awesome,” Exec Board advisor Mrs. Badalamente said.