Not in Wonderland Anymore

Lydia Hargett , Staff Writer

Over the past couple of months, the cast and crew of Huron Players have been working very hard to produce their upcoming play Alice in Wonderland. The dates for the show are Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th of October. 

“We have some really cool stuff that is happening in the play, especially the lights. The actors are really amazing and they are great people and it is a local school thing so you should come to support your local school play,” Junior Juna Saito said, who helps run the lights for the show.

While there is a lot of hard work involved in producing the show, the cast and crew have a lot of fun working on it.

“The people here are the coolest people. Everything else around here just gives you the opportunity to take part in things that you wouldn’t normally get the chance to do,” Saito said.