Metal Breakdown

Video Via Kade Cupp

Kade Cupp, Senior Writer

Halloween’s annual spookiness and theme of unexpected things happening have carried over into the new month for one particular student.

While walking into school, a few students noticed something odd.

“We looked over and there were four people trying to push a car in the Huron parking lot,” senior Fallou Mbengue said 

The car was being pushed by two students and two Huron teachers in the middle of traffic in below freezing weather.

“I was driving into school and I saw a woman struggling to push a car through the Huron lot,” art teacher Selina Tabor said. “So I put my hazards on, pulled over, and got out and helped the woman push her car.”

Eventually two students joined Tabor in assisting of pushing the broken down car

“I didn’t even ask them for help, out of the goodness of their hearts they were late to school to help us push the car,” Tabor said. “I had never had either of them for any classes, but they still helped us. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to push the car to where it needed to be to get out of the line of traffic coming into school.”